What To Do If You Have Early Symptoms Of Osteoporosis?

4 mins read

When we look at the mirror today, it is important to consider how we would be in 30 or 40 years from now. There are some irreversible physical conditions that can be prevented today, when we are much younger. Osteoporosis degrades our body slowly and we are often not aware of that. Our body is clamouring for help, but we may not hear it at all. When we are about to turn fifty and looking forward to a big celebration, we should know that we are no longer young. We may still be perfectly healthy until we are 70 or even 80, but there’s no guarantee for that. We will get an inner peace by checking our health conditions. We should check whether we have osteopenia. It’s a starting phase for more serious cases of osteoporosis and it can happen to people who turn 50 or younger. If we do have symptoms of osteopenia, it is important to reverse the bone density situations, especially if we still want to walk around straight for the next few decades.

One of the signs of the onset of osteoporosis is that we are one or two centimetres shorter than our original height. When it happens, the next step is to perform the bone density test to make sure that we are still healthy bone. If the condition is confirmed and we have lower than normal bone density, it is important to start a healthy lifestyle. Walking is a light physical activity and it’s healthy for our bone structure. We could walk and soak in sunshine, while enjoying the nature and the cooperative weather. Treadmill helps, but for many people it’s boring and won’t entertain our mind. If there’s no other alternative, you may use a treadmill at faster walking pace while watching a 30-minute sitcom get rid of the boredom. This should be a good daily exercise for you. Weight lifting exercise should also be good for your own bone structure and it will pay you off with a lean-looking body. With every step you make and every dumbbell you lift, you are telling your body to bring a bit more calcium into your bone, so you can do these things later again.

Getting your own calcium supplementation should also help immensely and you should know whether you already drink your milk today. Calcium can also be found in food. Other than calcium, you should also ensure to get all the vitamins and minerals that can help to enhance calcium absorption, such as zinc, magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin K. If your condition is a bit more serious, the doctor may prescribe you with specific drugs to reverse your condition. There could also be prescribed regime of physical exercise that is focused to train your bones to become much stronger. There are natural ways that can help us to rebuild our bone structure and we do this properly, drug prescription won’t become our life sentence.