What to Expect From the Premier League In 2019

What to Expect From the Premier League In 2019

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The Premier League is one of the most prestigious competitions in the world today. This league comprises all of the top English teams and is renowned for its intense physicality and technicality. Top four winners of the Premier League win a chance to compete in the Champion’s League and will also win staggering amounts of money. Each football club present in the Premier League is actually worth millions, so you can see why footballers are paid so much.

Even the most skilled player can fail in the Premier League as there are many names who failed miserably in this particular league. Most people argue that this league is one of the most difficult and intense leagues in the world, which is exactly why many footballers fail in this league. These players might be doing wonders for their old clubs or leagues but they fail to adapt to the demanding nature of the Premier League. It takes most of the top players at least a year to understand the tempo of these games. Furthermore, it seems that there are constant changes in the league that dictate its future. Some of the most common trends that will continue in 2019 are mentioned below.

Youth Players Will Be Given a Chance

Due to the sheer amount of nonprofit organizations in the market, there has been a swift change in the dynamics of the league. Organizations such as Premier Players Sports Foundation is paving the way for the younger generation. They specialize in providing young orphans and financially restricted children a chance to showcase their skills and grow professionally. The Premier Player Sports Foundation was founded in 2004 and since then they have come a very long way in helping children reach full potential.


Virtual Audio and video recordings were implanted during the 2018 World Cup. This is a new rule which allows the linesman to watch a quick video on what happened and empowered them to take immediate action. Initially, people were completely against the idea of VAR but the World Cup showed the world just how beneficial and important this rule can be. Instead of players receiving the wrong punishment they can easily use VAR to find out who was at fault.

Transfer Bans

The Premier League teams are spending staggering amounts of money on players. However, it seems that the fair play rule has become stricter than ever. This rule allows each club to spend a certain amount of money according to the clubs worth. If they over spend in one transfer, the club will now be allowed to spend on anyone else.

Goal-Line Technology

Goal-line technology is a sigh of relief for every player on the field. This technology is perfect for situations where the referee and linesmen, cannot see if the ball crossed the goal line or not. This innovation will instantly notify the referee if the ball crosses the line.

So these were the top trends to look out for in 2019.