Wind and Solar Energy Has Become More Expensive

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Maybe by the time 2030 we could save lots of water if the process solar and wind energy gets successes in producing the electricity. It seems like it would become true, because the time has come for solar and wind energy to raise its price. United States is the best example for producing electricity using solar and wind equipments, also it is inspirational to other countries.

All over the countries Billions are spent to bring out the solar and wind energy, hope they will bring slowly down the fossil fuels some day and save our environment.

It was really bad in Photovoltaic panels in 2002-2008 where people ignored to purchase the panels, but nowadays people are getting realized and started using the solar panels.  In 2010-2013 it almost fell to 20-22% in sales.  And in few hot sunny places the solar energy is gathering lots of energy and going cheap.

The process of storing the energy, wind energy takes the first place, because with solar products in the night time it’s a completely useless waste of 10-12 hours. When coming to wind energy it’s possible at any time. Texas, Iowa, California, Oklahoma, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, North Dakota, and Wyoming are daily producing almost 80% of electricity to their own country using wind turbines.

Wind and Solar Energy Has Become More Expensive

Few countries are managing the solar and wind products for citizens almost free. The common and similar results you find in solar and wind energy are. Both of them are free to generate power without using and fuels to run them. Maybe the only thing is energy storage is required to store the energy.

But if you look for the major difference in solar and wind energy, the wind energy come in the first place, that is why many countries depend on  wind turbines. Also producing and storing the wind energy became commercial in many countries. Do you know that? You can also become the part of producing wind energy, because all over the world more than 95% of the government turbines is fixed only private lands

Not only in the countries are busy in producing solar and wind energy, also the technology is trying to bring the motors like cars and motorcycles to run with solar and electricity, this will change our environment for a better future.

You know that, the solar and Wind energy is fuel free products where you can become the part in generating electricity also saving your environment.  Nobody is saying to sell your stored energy, but you can make use for yourself.