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Is VBA Good For Building Financial Model?

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Financial modeling is a must-needed tool for every financial corporation. By definition, it is a systematic creation of a logical structure that needs to be built properly so as to reach the best conclusion. In fact, it is one of the most significant aspects that help you to make business-friendly decisions.

Financial models are specifically designed for different corporate sectors. These include investment banks, private equity or venture capital firms, equity research firms, corporate companies that involve finance departments.

Now it is been said that Excel and VBA are the two prominent tools used for building financial models. The best thing is that these sophisticated Financial modeling VBA and Excel tools stimulate the financial analysts to make the best financial decisions. And we are quite sure these decisions will never be worthless.

Despite having so much popularity, financial analysts often wonder whether VBA is good for building financial models or not.

Are you having the same question in your mind? Hold your horses tight as we will present you the frets of using VBA followed by its drawbacks.

Benefits Of Using VBA For Financial Modeling

  1. Sparkling results with fewer inputs: VBA is just like excel. It requires minimum effort but provides astounding results. Just a moment. Haven’t you used Excel in your school? VBA or the Visual Basic For Applications is basically the programming language of Excel and other Microsoft Office programs.

    VBA in Excel thus offers multiple tools for financial modeling. These tools are the reasons why it becomes easier for the financial analyst to bring out sparkling results.

  2. Fast Performance: The best thing about VBA in Excel is you have the leverage to explore different options that ease out the entire process of developing results. The excellent commands and functions result in providing fast operations. The speed at which the data is processed is certainly mindblowing.

    The variables are automatically set and so is the logic. What you need to do is input the proper data in the variable’s cells and the result will be in front of you. It is that simple and convenient.

    This ability of fast performance helps you to take instant decisions regarding finance, thus helping you to sharpen your career. Isn’t it?

  3. Better accuracy: Financial modeling VBA and Excel tools are even known for providing better accuracy. But this will definitely depend on the data you put in the variable’s cells.

    With a proper logic and properly defined algorithm, the tools will leave no way to bring out the wrong results. Maybe that’s the reason why the financial analysts prefer these tools for analyzing any project.

    Be it a large or small set of data, accuracy will be maintained to a great extent.

  4. Make it visually appealing: Excel we all know is very much popular for its representation. It is not just easy to understand but even eye-catching for the viewers. The multiple chart options – bar format, pie format, and so on are truly attractive and even convenient to make a proper presentation. Do you think ignoring this tool will be productive for you?

Drawbacks of Using VBA For Financial Modeling

Despite having so many advantages, the tool even comes with some drawbacks. And maybe that’s the reason why many a time the financial analyst creates confusion about whether it is good to use them or not. Let’s have a look.

1. It is easy to handle VBA but only when you have done proper courses. Without the basic knowledge and practical skills, it is hard to understand how the tool works.

  1. It is not always that your VBA will work accurately. There are some specific situations when things go wrong. This will happen when you are using an older version. Microsoft keeps its tools updating. Hence you have to remain always updated for that.


Now since you are well educated about the pros and cons of using these tools, you will definitely not regret the tools for building these corporate models.

Guys, if you are dreaming to achieve something big, if you are dreaming to attain the top position in a reputed industry as a financial analyst, these tools will brighten your career.

Yes, financial modeling VBA and Excel tools are not just for building excellent models, it even allows you to make effective financial decisions. The more good you are in your job, the more your career will be highlighted.

So, stop judging the tools and look for a financial modeling program where you can gain practical skill sets.