4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rely Completely On Essential Oils

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rely Completely On Essential Oils

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Many people use alternative medicine or natural healing to assist with improving their general health. Some products are less safe, or more prone to be problematic for users and maybe unsafe. For users of essential oils, there is a lot of grey area, as far as their safety, effectiveness and other issues. This doesn’t mean that essential oils and practices like aromatherapy have no positive impact, they do smell nice and can alter the general mood of people inhaling them. Yet, these are not medical based factors, which is something that nobody should completely rely on essential oils for.

When evaluating essential oils for their medicinal or healing purposes, one must be a bit more skeptical, rather than rely on assumptions or advertising about such products. These are some reasons why nobody should wholeheartedly rely on them instead of seeking out proper treatment for a physical ailment or health condition. Here is what you need to know:

Even Legitimate Essential Oils Have Quality Control Issues

The process to make a true essential oil is often overlooked by the average consumer. For most companies it is an expensive and time consuming process, which is why such oils are often surprisingly high priced. Some items like essential oils made from strawberries are unheard of, because the small amount of oil gained from the process and making synthetic versions is much more profitable.

Therefore, such complex process production costs, also create a variety of quality control issues and most brands cannot be guaranteed to be held even average standards. Many new age products are a sad example of this problem in the industry.

The Cost of Such Products Rarely Equals the Beneficial Results

Money talks for users in any product market. For consumers, relying on essential oils for health care needs is usually too expensive. Bottles of different oils can cost as much or more than a prescription drug from a pharmacy. Essential oil companies spend large amounts creating advertising and brands that cater to a high dollar specialized niche market.

Since most essential oils do not require federal approval for public sale, these companies are free to campaign and market without restrictions to keep users buying more products. And at any time, the market may shift upwards or downwards in pricing.

When it comes to spending money on such alternative medicine, ACN SCAM says, “Alternative medicine generates false hope in the minds of those who use it, and then invites them to pay handsomely for it. Many throw away thousands seeking miracle cures, when they could be spending that time, energy, and money on the pursuit of a happy life, and on treatments that actually work.”

Many Alternative Medicine Products Are Ineffective or Unsafe to Use

The majority of physicians, nursing care providers, researchers, and medical community professionals will attest to the problems surrounding alternative health products. In the case of essential oils, most products are not harmful, but replacing real health care or medical treatment with them is risky.

Some essential oils are topically applied, while others recommend ingesting or in taking the oils by other alternative treatment methods. Not only are such practices generally ineffective, but taking oils internally assumes that the product user isn’t allergic or hypersensitive to the actual ingredients. This kind of essential oil use should never be attempted, but if you are considering such therapy, please get a medical professional’s opinion first.

Physical Reactions Can Vary Greatly When Using Essential Oils

Another factor concerning essential oils is their unpredictability. The reactions had to an oil vary, based on any number of different factors from person to person. One person may be fine with anointing their skin, while another uses the same oil and breaks out terribly upon application.

The mix of reaction for treatments given orally, these are even more risky for mixed physical reactions. But a huge issue is their use for aroma therapeutic purposes, scents can create a wide range of reactions, allergic anomalies, and unexpected symptoms to manifest. It is best to play it safe, and not use essential oils for random or general health care reasons. They probably won’t work, and who wants risk the safety of the body, health, or anyone else’s for that matter.

In reality, there are numerous products being sold publicly, which offer no guarantees and yet are still popular with consumers. The idea of quick fixes or magical healing properties, often creates interest in a product that outweighs the reality of its benefits. Essential oils, although natural for the most part, do not garner the results, expectations, or claims made about their usage. For most of us, the best bet is using traditional medicine and practical healing methods. These will be more likely to promote good health and make a difference in our wellbeing.