5 Makeup Tips For Getting The Perfect Eye Makeup 5

5 Makeup Tips For Getting The Perfect Eye Makeup 5

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The eye is the focal point of beauty and the center of attraction to most people. Apart from playing its role to have a sense of sight, it contributes significantly to the beauty of individuals. Most people like being associated with beauty. Therefore, the eye plays a significant role to make people more beautiful. Natural eyes are attractive, but they become more interesting when a little bit of makeup is applied around the eye to make it bold and spotted from a distance. Do you need to magnify your beauty? Yes, Then you have to go an extra mile and apply some makeup to your eyes. The results are amazing. The following are makeup tips for getting the perfect eye makeup:

1. Wipe Out Excess Shadow

In the process of applying the eye shadow to the eyes, you may use excess of the shadow to the eye. You can also make mistakes in line with the procedure for applying the shadow. To make your eyes more perfect with this makeup, you need to correct these errors without ruining the makeup. You have to skim your skin with a well-dipped cotton swab in a concealer. The excess shadow should be picked up by the concealer without causing any smudging. By doing this, the makeup will take its right position to give a perfect appearance, and this is how smokey eye step by step is achieved.

2. Add a Modern Twist

Since purple is a known modern take, on the smoky eye you have to apply a little pale but a violet shadow to the lids. However, the makeup becomes a perfect blend when a new dark plum shadow is also put into consideration and applied to the creases. The lower lashes need to be rimed with a thin black liner together with the top layer of lilac shadow. A wet brush is implementing it. This should be done carefully to have all the coats in order of their application. In this case, the eye will have an elegant appearance. Most ladies admire to have such an outlook in their eyes.

3. Make It Last

You need to moisture your eyes before using any makeup. Moisturizing the eye make it easy to line the eye with a pencil. Why? A perfect smudge appears naturally without strain because of the moisture. Once you need a smokey eye step by step, you have to adhere to simple means of achieving a natural smudge. Thus, you need to clean the eye before applying makeup just to moisten the region around the eye.

4. Make It Fast

Eyeliner is just enough to have a smoky eye. You need to trim the lids with a black pencil that will make the line more substantial and appealing. Wiping it off after some time means that a sexy wash of the color will be left which is responsible for the elegant appearance of the eye. You don’t have to take a chance but apply makeup in this manner, and the results will be good to you.

5. Clean The Eye

The region around the eye needs to be free from any dust of dirt. Applying makeup on the dirty surface always makes the makeup dull. One needs to clean the surfaces which makeups are applied on to appear bold and more attractive. Thus, you need to clean the eyes before any makeup is applied. Cleaning the eye also ensures that the makeup that was used earlier is wiped off to give a clear room for new makeup. The presence of old makeups around the eyes limits the eye from glittering.


Since the eye is the Centre of attraction, much effort should be done to ensure that it is attractive. The eyes need proper application of makeup as we have discussed above. The make ups are usually packed in different varieties but what matters is the way these compositions are applied. The eye can easily be spotted from a distance, and therefore it plays a much bigger role as the Centre of attraction. Once makeups are applied, one is sure that the beauty of the face is boosted to a greater extent. Most women like being associated with beauty. However, most women have not discovered the secret to boosting this beauty. You can expand this beauty by adding a little bit of makeup to your eye, and you will appear more beautiful. Never move steps behind while people are moving forward! Let’s apply the makeup to see the difference.