5 Pakistan Tourist Refreshing Spots You Must Visit In 2018

5 Pakistan Tourist Refreshing Spots You Must Visit In 2018

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Pakistan is full of beautiful and refreshing landscapes and sceneries. However, the splendid view of many beautiful places of Pakistan is not enlightened yet as the dark side of Pakistan is depicted most of the times in media. Still, every year people explore the different beautiful places in Pakistan. Below are some suggestions for the calming and relaxing spots of Pakistan that everyone must visit this year in order to enjoy every moment of their holidays. Even if you are planning for your honeymoon then you will see different honeymoon packages in Pakistan including these mesmerizing places.

  1. Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir

As the name suggests, it literally looks like the Blue Gem Valley. It is situated in Azad Kashmir and the length of this valley extends to 240 kilometers. This place is a very wonderful spot to spend your time contently. The view of Valley contains the refreshing scenes of lakes, green mountains, fresh-water brook, ponies, and horses.  One can forget all the tensions and worries by having a look at this calming view.

  1. Gorak Hill

The hill station situated in Dadu is known as the Muree of Sindh. The place is 423 kilometers away from Karachi. The temperature of Gorak Hill is less than 0 degrees in winters because the height of this place is 5,689 feet. The place gives a view of perfect sunshine and sunsets. The population is very low so you can actually feel relaxed and watch the bright stars at night. If you love winters, you must visit this place as the maximum temperature of Gorak Hill is 20 degrees.

  1. Lake SaifulMuluk

Lake SaifulMuluk is the beautiful lake of Pakistan which is situated 10,578 ft above the sea level. It is the mountainous lake that is situated in the Valley of Kaghan. The name has a romantic tale of Prince ShazadaSaifulMuluk and his Princess. In holidays, it is among the most adventurous spots of Pakistan. The lake gives the view that is so pleasant and luring that you can enjoy it with your family, friends or partner. If you are looking for different honeymoon tour packages in Pakistan then you will be suggested to visit this place for sure!

  1. Hunza Valley

This place is the heaven on earth located in the region of Gilgit Baltistan. The view of Hunza valley contains mountains that are covered with snow and the lake. The place is famous for its exquisiteness and generosity. If you are a foodie person, you cannot resist yourself from going there. It has many beautiful high peaks which offer the great view of the whole valley.

  1. Swat Valley

Another gem of Pakistan’s Valleys is Swat Valley; most of the people call this place as second Switzerland. It has a lake that is clear as crystal and high mountains with greenery and meadows. It gives the cherished pleasure to its visitors. Swat Valley contains the oldest civilization of Pakistan and has the beautiful scenery to spend the memorable time. The climate of this valley is best for the tourism any time of the year.

Pakistan is truly full of beautiful places that are needed to be explored for promoting the positive image of Pakistan. Once a person visits any of these places; he/she could not resist admitting that Pakistan is actually a beautiful place with beautiful people!