Five Xtreme Sports You Should Try - Shutterstock
Five Xtreme Sports You Should Try - Shutterstock

5 Xtreme Sports You Should Try

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When it comes to adventure, X sports are what you need to get your blood pumping and really challenge your skills. Check out these fun and exciting activities that you’ve got to add to your list, from river rafting Colorado white waters to snake boarding, and you just may find yourself with a fun new hobby you can’t get enough of!

Crocodile Bungee Jumping

Tired of the classic bungee jumping, or not getting enough thrill out of this daring adventure? Make like an Aussie and try crocodile bungee jumping. You literally bungee jump into crocodile-infested waters, tempting fate and hungry reptiles in the name of X sports. Or, Americanize the sport and trade the crocodiles for some gators for heart-stopping thrill.

5 Xtreme Sports You Should Try

A sport that totally tests your fear factor, this outdoor sport keeps you fit and tests your strength, making it a fun sport to try- at least once.

Try Underwater Hockey

For those who love water, underwater hockey is a great sport that utilizes all your muscles without being overly strenuous on your body. Much like traditional hockey, the only additional gear you will don with this sport is a pair of flippers as you team up with your buddies to score a goal completely underwater?

The only downside? The fights under water aren’t as entertaining as those in the rink, but you can still expect an amazing workout and a great time, which is what Xtreme sports are all about anyhow.

5 Xtreme Sports You Should Try

Volcano Boarding, anyone?

Not only is this Extreme sport totally unique, but it allows you to explore some of the most dangerous remnants nature has to offer. Challenge your skills by boarding down rocky terrain several miles long, with speeds up to 50 miles per hour!

This sport is not for the lighthearted, and warns that you should wear a full body suit before you take a volcano on, but you can test your balance and your muscle integrity while enjoying some great scenery as you soar down ancient volcanoes for fun.

5 Xtreme Sports You Should Try

How about Snake Boarding?

If volcano boarding doesn’t look like your thing, then snake boarding may be just the one for you. This sport tightens and strengthens leg and arm muscles, as well as keeping your core tight and fit, and is a new spin on the classic skateboarding.

What makes snake boarding unique is the layout of the board itself; rather than a single board, it’s 2 boards connected by wheels that allow you to maneuver more moves and show off your skills in a side-winding snakelike fashion. Try this version of skateboarding out, and see the great tricks you can pull off with this cool sport.

5 Xtreme Sports You Should Try
Five Xtreme Sports You Should Try – Shutterstock

Classic River Rafting

For water fun that can be enjoyable for nearly anyone, river rafting Colorado rivers is a great way to enjoy X sports on a variety of skill levels. Visit to explore the many rivers available for rafting, from beginners to the daredevils looking for a challenge. Whatever your skills, you can find a great river worth taking on, and can have an amazingly great time while doing so.

Extreme sports are meant to be unique, challenging, and certainly fun. When it comes to choosing an X sport for you, think of the physical benefits of the sport, the fun aspects, and whether or not the sport is something you’d like to try again. Try any one of these great and unusual X sports, or try them all to see which ones you’d like to add to your sports’ regime. You never know which sports you’ll love until you give them a shot, and you just may surprise yourself by how daring you can actually be.