6 Android Tools Every Developer Should Know About

5 mins read

Why is Android OS the most preferred choice for developers? Android makes things simple and is a highly scalable mobile operating system that is extremely user-friendly as well. The introduction of numerous tools has made it easy for Android app developers to create innovative and exciting Android app for carrying out various activities.

Nowadays, highly interesting and interactive applications can be built on Android with the help of advanced third party tools.Here is a list of the 6 Android tools that Android specialists will definitely prefer using over others.

Android Studio 2.0:

The fastest way of building top quality apps for the entire spectrum of Android platform is Android 2.0. It is the official IDE from Google and comes with an emulator, code editor and code analysis tools among other tools. This new version Android Studio is highly stable and offers fast build speeds and a fast emulator. It is supported for the latest Android version and Google Play Services. Android Studio supports all of the latest APIs. It is available today as an easy download.


Genymotion is a fast and flashy emulator that developers find better to use than Android emulators. Many aver that the experience is more exciting and enhanced than what is experienced while developing on actual devices. Starting an Android Emulator and running an application can be a frustrating experience. Genymotion offers hardware accelerated emulator that can take care of this problem with its amazing speed. It can save Android app developers tons of time in Android development. The bonus part is that it is free to download.

GameMaker: Studio

This is one of the most advanced Android development tools but also among the easiest to use as it has a user-friendly and intuitive interface that comes with drag and drop facility. GameMaker offers absolute customization on all elements. It is the perfect tool for 2D gaming and provides top notch performance in every category. The GameMaker Language allows you to customize with its friendly and simple coding. The syntax is shorter and decidedly simple in comparison to C++ or JAVA. There is a free version available for download.

AVD Manager

Ask any Android app development company and they will say that the AVD Manager is a favorite tool their developers as they can customize every conceivable version of the device. The feature comes with built-in Google Android Studio. This makes testing the app on a virtual device easy to make sure the device is capable of delivering optimal performance. It also ensures that the device is free from hassling bugs. The overall performance is exceptionally good making it one of the favorite tools for developers.

Unity 3D

If you are a 3D fan, you will love Unity 3D. The Android tool comes with a number of tutorials and demos to cut short the learning curve which can be a bit complex as 3D can take some time and lots of effort to understand. The tutorial is in C# programming language which makes it easy for anyone to grasp the technology. You can make use of external software to create 3D models. This tool is not ideal for greenhorn Android game developers as there are complex 3D meshes, materials and objects to work with and each requires use of various codes and combinations.

Fluid Ul

Fluid UI is a smart, web-based tool that’s designed for mobile storyboarding and prototyping. You can use Fluid Ul to assemble mock-ups quickly and expertly. It is available in paid version and will cost you around $10 per month. Fluid Ul can be used for sharing clickable prototypes and PDFs of your work. In many ways, it is a mobile-specific, robust and affordable alternative to several other prototyping tools available.

There are various ways of developing applications for Android. You can pick and choose from the best Android tools listed here and discover the ones that work best for your creative instincts.