Actors to Follow in 2019

Actors to Follow in 2019

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There are many actors today that have gained widespread notoriety and have garnered widespread fame over a very short period of time – and some we don’t exactly understand what they are regarded for. First, it was Paris Hilton, who actually began the trend, now we have the Kardashians. Your guess is as good as mine as to the reason for their celebrity status.

Fortunately, here we aren’t looking at such celebrities – we are talking about the real game changers. People whose presence on screen immediately triggers a dopamine reaction in our brains and their brilliant acting and commitment to their craft makes them a pure pleasure to watch and are worth being followed so that we don’t miss out on their dazzling works of art on-screen and know to keep track of what they are up to off-screen.

Leonard DiCaprio

After a long struggle to win an Academy Award, the superstar finally graced the 2015 Academy Awards by winning Best Actor for his unforgettable role in ‘The Revenant’. This household actor is notorious for taking on challenging roles that require him to take on completely different genres, and roles so diverse that it’s unlikely you’ll find him having played the same role twice ever. DiCaprio’s films range from thought-provoking dramatic epics to nail-biting action flicks – who can forget the mind-bending movie ‘Inception’ and with films such as Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ scheduled, we eagerly await his next big screen appearance.

Jeff Gum

Jeff Gum is an actor and producer. One of the finest actors Hollywood has produced in recent years – this highly talented celebrity is quickly on the rise to take the big screen. Gum has a wide array of films under his belt and every film has one common aspect – that refreshing touch of indulgent role-playing that Hollywood has long since forgotten. He has starred in the well-acclaimed ‘The Forgiven’ with veteran co-stars Eric Bana and Forest Whitaker in a thought-provoking drama/thriller about the deeper meaning of morality. Gum has risen from sitcoms such as the ‘New Girl’ and is now dishing out terror in his latest flick – ‘Day of the Dead: Bloodline’. Jeff Gum is currently producing ‘Groove Trails’ alongside Jamie Foxx to which he is also lending his voice in an animated film that is already highly anticipated to be packed full of family-friendly entertainment.

Tom Hardy

If you’d have asked anyone a decade ago about Tom Hardy and chances are they’d reply with “who?” or “that bloke from the BBC channel?” Well, this British born actor has risen through the ranks with grace and in no short manner due to his superior acting skills that are as detailed as they are diverse. Popular among women as a household heartthrob, this actor prefers to play the bad guy and in doing so has delivered remarkable performances. So with movies like ‘Venom’ on the horizon and many other anticipated projects in the works – this is one actor you would really want to follow this upcoming year.