Beauty Therapy: Blue Lagoon Natural Cosmetics

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Iceland cosmetics are popular all over the world. It is no surprising but Iceland creams, masks and serums contain just natural ingredients that are available nowhere but in Iceland. It is time to speak about the legendary Iceland brand Blue Lagoon.

What is Blue Lagoon?

It is important to find out what Blue Lagoon is. Geothermal SPA complex Blue Lagoon is a proud of Iceland. This is the wonder of the world, must visit place for all beauty and SPA lovers. Geothermal complex was opened in 1976. Look around! Everything is useful here. Hot thermal water is used for heating system in the houses. It was a geothermal station that is still functioning. You may get there by car. Rental car services in Reykjavik are on high popularity for tourists.

So, locals were interested in that fact that the water is blue in this basin. Lately, it was found out that the water is rich in white clay, sea salt, dioxide, different minerals, lipids and microalgae. They restore your skin to prevent aging. There is a beautiful SPA complex on this place now. There is an opportunity to buy natural cosmetics made of natural ingredients (thermal water, clay, water plants).

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SPA Procedures

Salt scrub. This procedure includes the procedure of skin scaling, cleaning and polishing it. It is important to use home-produced natural oils and mineral salts.

Salt scrub and contrast shower. This procedure stimulates blood circulation to soften and rejuvenate the skin. It is recommended to take contrast shower as addition to salt scrub procedure.

Sea weeds body wrap. This procedure is predicted to clean, moisture and stimulation your skin. The useful mask of sea weeds is applied to your body for 30 minutes. It is important to relax patient with head and body massage. It is also recommended to use complete massage for 50 minutes after wrapping. Lymph drainage stimulates lymph activity to help to clear your organism from extra water and toxins.

Contrast shower. As a rule, the procedure is taken in the open air. The contrast shower is recommended to use with the clean local water of different temperature. It is great for refreshing!

Watering. This refreshing procedure helps to become fresh and slim. This is the best for solving the problem of swelling. The procedure is taken in the open air with the clean water.

Different kinds of massage are also available. They are used with siliceous mud. So, it is time to speak about interesting products of Blue Lagoon cosmetics.

Algae Mask

You can take this magic mask to try and decide whether it is worth buying. The main ingredients are water plants, mineral and white clay. The product is positioned as important beauty agent that is predicted to make your face fresh and tight and your skin shiny and refreshed. The mask is green color and light pleasant texture. It is recommended to take for 5-10 minutes.

You have to water it in 10 minutes and make sure that the mask is 100% effective. Your face color is fresh and healthy. The skin is moistened and smooth.

Bath salt

Hydrating 24h Serum

Meet new super moisten remedy that is produced according to special Blue Lagoon formula that consists of geothermal sea water, minerals and water plants. The texture is soft and creamy. Just try it and watch your new skin in 15 minutes. It is important to apply hydrating serum before applying cream. The serum is light and comfortable. Applying hydrating serum every day you can increase your skin protective functions.

Blue Lagoon Rich Nourishing Cream

Cream is right decision for dry, normal or sensitive skin. It is recommended for all ladies that are 30-60. It can be used for every day care during the day or at night. The main ingredient is water plants from the Blue Lagoon. You know, the plants from the Blue Lagoon are actively used in anti-age therapy. There is a unique combination of water plants and minerals to strengthen the result. Rich nourishing cream has pleasant creamy texture and light aroma. There is nothing better for skin hydration. You may use cream during the day to stay fresh and look younger.

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Anti-Aging Eye Cream and Anti-Aging Night Cream

What do you know about anti-age eye care from Blue Lagoon? You know, it is difficult to describe everything in one world. Pay attention to eye cream and night cream. Both of these unique remedies are made of geothermal water, sea plants and minerals. They are white, textured and aromatic. The creams are mostly recommended for night care. Try one more combination: it is effective to apply hydrating serum under the cream layer. It works for 100% to help you to look like new.

Icelandic Formula Cleanser & Toner

Obviously, the toner is predicted to tone your skin, rich it with energy. It is also can be used as makeup remover. The main ingredients are traditionally minerals, thermal water from Blue Lagoon. What do you expect for? The cosmetic remedy is attractive to wake up your skin early in the morning. The skin becomes pleasant pink and fresh just from the first touch. Pay attention, Icelandic formula cleanser is recommended to remove light makeup, but not professional makeup or face paint. It is better to find something stronger.

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Algae & Mineral Shower Gel

Shower gel is traditionally made of water plants and minerals. It is cool remedy! You can feel that this cosmetic measure is super effective from your fist visit to the Lagoon. You can find bottles of this gel in the shower, where you should go after bathing. It is strange but there is no soap in the content of gel. The skin becomes smooth and elegant. It is terribly soft and you do not need special cream. The foam is aromatic and silky. The gel is useful and pleasant!

Finally, as you can see all cosmetic measures from Blue Lagoon are useful. They take care of your health. It is interesting but Iceland cosmetics are free from parabens and chemical aromas. So, this is the best decision for allergists.