Bed Bug Problems: How They Can Cause Major Health Issues in Your Home

3 mins read

In the United States, bed bugs are a growing problem. While many hotels have a reputation for having problems with bed bugs, they are actually more prevalent in single-family homes and apartment complexes. They can, however, invade any space with calls coming from 911 call centers, a boat on the Ohio River, hospitals and nursing homes. While they are not known to carry any diseases, they can create many uncomfortable health conditions, Here are some you may want to consider.

Are You Allergic to Bed Bugs?

A survey conducted by the University of Kentucky asked 475 people if they had ever lived in an area where bed bugs were present. Of those who admitted they had, over 70 percent aid that they were sensitive to bed bug bites. Those people who were under the age of 65 showed a much higher rate of sensitivity than older respondents. Most reported having red welts on their skin which is the skin’s way of reacting to bed bug saliva. Prior exposure to bed bugs can increase the rate of reaction to their bites.

Bed Bugs Lead to Infections

Although bed bugs are not known vectors, secondary infections can be a problem. When a person is bitten by a bed bug, the area usually itches. The person scratches the bite introducing germs into the bite. Then, the area gets infected. In more serious cases, this can even lead to hospitalization or the need for long-term medical care.

Bed Bugs Cause Insomnia

Bed bugs usually attack at night, so a person may feel that them crawling and biting. Therefore, they do not get a good night’s rest. Chronic insomnia can lead to many health problems including daytime sleepiness, increased depression, general lack of energy and problems with memory and concentration. Insomnia can have very serious implications as 10 percent of all car accidents are caused by drowsy drivers.

Stop Damage to Your Immune System

Infections and insomnia can cause the immune system to grow weaker over time, Therefore, people may experience more cold and flu symptoms. A weakened immune system can even be a contributing cause in the formation of cancer, diabetes, liver and kidney diseases. Bottom line, you don’t want to continue with this bed bug problem. You should call a bed bug exterminator as soon as possible.

There are many reasons why you need to get bed bug problems corrected immediately. You and your family will be healthier because these pests are not biting you at night when you are trying to sleep. Do not put off calling the exterminator today.