Best Activities To Do In Haridwar and Rishikesh

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Widely known as a pilgrimage spot for Hindus, the twin heritage cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh have a lot to offer to the tourists, apart from temples. Following are some of the best activities to do on Haridwar Rishikesh tour.

Adventure Sports : Rishikesh is a paradise for the adventure lovers owing to its high mountainous terrain and places for white water rafting. The rapids of the Ganges offer grades from level 1 to 4. You can choose your rafting start point based on the adventurous appetite. There is something to choose from for everyone depending on the adrenalin boost you require. There are points on the high mountains in Rishikesh which are ideal for bungee jumping for the more dare devil spirits.Some of the best things to do in Haridwar and Rishikesh for adventure lovers also include camping, cliff jumping, rappelling, kayaking, mountain biking and trekking.

Best Activities To Do In Haridwar and Rishikesh

Rejuvenating at the Yoga Retreats : Haridwar and Rishikesh are a heaven for those who swear by health through Yoga. There are many Yoga retreats dotted around the twin cities, where you can sign up for a short course and learn yoga from the gurus of this ancient form of bringing the mind and body together. Parmarth Niketan, Yoga Niketan, Sivananda Ashram, Osho Ganga Dham Ashram and Swami Dayananda Ashram are yoga places worth exploring.

The Patanjali Yogpeeth in Haridwar started by Baba Ramdev Maharaj is one such place where tourists can learn yoga that was started by Patanjali some 5000 years ago. The Patanjali Yogpeeth also has centers dedicated to healing through ayurvedic medication. The ashram has an OPD and facilities for admitting patients for long term ayurvedic treatments of various diseases.

Soak in Spirituality with Meditation at Ashrams : Years ago,during 1968,the Beatles visited Rishikesh to the ashram of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and made transcendental meditation famous. The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ashram is now known as Beatles Ashram and has been closed down after the Maharishi’s demise.Today you will find the Beatles ashram in Rishikesh where tourists visit to relive their hero worship for Beatles.

Shanti Kunj or Swarga Puri is another ashram which offers a spiritual feel of living in simple, clean and hygienic environment at the most reasonable rates. These ashrams are a great retreat where you can sit in solitude and meditate at your heart’s will.

Bird Watching at Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar : The bird sanctuary at Neel Dhara is a place you cannot give a miss. The sanctuary is a bird watcher’s paradise and during winters it is filled with migratory birds of all species. The Siberian Crane is also visible during the winters on the banks of the river. The sanctuary also offers a trekking trail which tourists can maneuver together with the bird watching activity. The Sivalik range of the Himalayas is easily visible from the bird sanctuary.The Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar is situated just 3.5 km. from the city of Haridwar.

Evening Aarti at the Banks of Ganga : One of the major attractions at Haridwar is of course the evening aarti or prayers at the banks of the River Ganges or atHar ki Pauri. This is a beautiful time as the aarti is performed using lit lamps. The reflection of the lamps on the water of the Ganges makes it shimmer like gold. The swaying of the lamps, the Vedic chants and the shimmering waters of the mighty Ganga creates a mesmerizing atmosphere which is a photographer’s paradise.

Sightseeing in Haridwar Rishikesh : A tour to Haridwar and Rishikesh is incomplete without visiting some of the famous temples in the cities. The Manasa Devi temple which is believed to be a temple where wishes come true is an important attraction besides other temples like Doodhadhari Barfani Temple and the Sureshwari Devi Temple. Bharat Mata Mandir is a temple dedicated to Mother India. The Pawan Dham is a modern temple built out of pieces of glass with efforts by Swami Vedanantji Maharaj.

Relaxation, rejuvenation and spending time with self is all you can enjoy at these sacred towns of India the best. But, if you are looking for some fun time with adventure sports while not missing on the Ganga aarti, a HaridwarRishikesh tour is the best choice.