Different Causes for Cerebral Palsy and New Treatments

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Cerebral Palsy, often referred to as CP, is just a blanket term for loss of motor function and impairment. Although it has several causes, the root of the disorder is brain damage. The brain damage can be caused by abnormal development before, during or right after birth, and it can also be caused by brain damage. For more detailed info on the causes, visit this site. Fortunately, there are current treatments, but there are breakthrough treatments being developed, and the impairment is under constant research. Here are a few of the newest treatments.


Different Causes for Cerebral Palsy and New Treatments

In 2015, a baby afflicted with Cerebral Palsy was able to crawl thanks to a robot, which helped the baby learn. The device guided the child, but it also tracked the movements. It highlighted the brain action triggering the movements and provided feedback. Monitoring and guidance provided by robotics can aggressively overcome certain impairments of the condition.


According to Cohen, Placitella & Roth, P.C., Surgeries are never guaranteed, especially with Cerebral Palsy. Walk-DMC is a new surgical assessment tool. It operates on tracking technology to predict if aggressive, invasive procedures will do nothing, help or impair. It does more than help prevent harmful, invasive procedures. It allows scientists and doctors to learn about brain-to-muscle links and motor control in CP patients.

SaaS and Vest

SaaS is an acronym for Software as a Service, and advances in app technology and Saas has led to a cloud-based application known as Vest. Vest is loaded with options related to medical needs, personal records, health and treatment information specifically for a person with CP, so their family can access it. It is a breakthrough in terms of how devices connected online can assist patients. Advances are being developed right now for constant patient monitoring of a patient’s mobility, upcoming treatments, therapy sessions and real-time health.

HBO Therapy

HBO Therapy has been used to successfully treat wounds and heal them at a rapid rate, however, it is now being used on CP patients. It constricts blood vessels in brain tissue, which causes the swelling to reduce. By regularly increasing oxygen to brain cells, scientists believe inactive cerebral cells, which have been starved of oxygen, are brought back to life. It can’t be done regularly for a variety of medical reasons, but the treatment is showing wonderful results.

Finding a cure or a highly effective treatment is important. Cerebral Palsy is devastating for the person and their caregivers. It affects so many things, such as muscle control and coordination, body movement, muscle tone, reflexes, balance and posture. The more advanced cases damage impact fine, gross and oral motor skills. It is a terrible and debilitating disease. Researchers are doing a fantastic job in advancing treatment and working towards a cure.