Everest Base Camp Trek

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Everest Base Camp has the presence of an indescribable ambiance about it through its trekking journey. Trekking in Nepal is one of the most arduous adventures out there, where one has to carry heavy bag packs and scale up the landscape. But while the task of it seems a bit formidable, especially for the ones who don’t necessarily make a habit of going out as much, the trekking part is quite fun, in the sense that it’s a means of adventure. Trekking develops in oneself a sense of wonderment, and fulfills the desire of wanderlust. It helps people to know the lay of the land and helps them be familiar with the topography. Likewise, Nepal being a hugely divers little country in itself, has abundance of different topography of land. Trekking in the Himalayas of the country is especially famous and is one of the most prominent means to for eco-tourism in the remote Himalayan areas of the country. With the beautiful landscape of snow-covered mountains, standing ever so vigilantly till the end of time, the eruption of this land mass that probably formed millions of years ago, trekking through this land structure gives one a sense of accomplishment. It’s not every day one reaches into the lap of the world’s tallest mountain. With a wide variety of packages, all carefully planned and prepared keeping the satisfaction of the customers in mind, with their pleasure and security as the foremost agenda;  The Everest Base Camp Trek package by Nepal Hiking Team certainly provides a very big scope of adventure to choose from, for people to have a wondrous trekking journey.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek provides its trekkers and hikers with the most wonderful scenery that it has to offer. The view of the world’s tallest mountain is a sight to behold in itself. With the elevation that reaches the sky, this tallest mountain is a wonderful destination for a trek. First conquered by Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary, Everest Base Camp Trek presents us with a beguiling landscape of snow and foliages that are vastly different form anywhere else. The crisp cold air, the bedazzlement of snow, the ever-slow movement of the ice in the glaciers, everything provides us with the most utterly breath-taking scenes. Everest is called “The Head of the Sky” itself, and for good reason, as its pinnacle seems to be touching the lapis lazuli of the openness. When you take the journey of The Everest Base Camp Trek, you can literally say that you are on top of the world! The surrounding scenery of Everest is brilliant as well, with rousting villages and settlements among the bosoms of the milky-white landscape. The blooming of the rhododendron trees are sights saved for paradise, the flower reaching out to welcome you to their abode. This winter wonderland, frosted in its ethereal beauty, will leave you in a state of awe. The Everest Base Camp Trek follows the Trail which passes through serpentine rivers which crosses the valley’s landscape like a sharp silver jostle of light. The forests and the vegetation is a rich variety of jaded bamboo forest and rich brown amethyst vibrancy. The fauna of this area includes many endangered species of animals which are protected under the provisions of National Parks. Passing through The Sagarmatha National Park, Everest Base Camp Trek provides us the opportunities to witness nature’s beauty and excitement in all of its glory.

Not only that, Everest Base Camp Trek also has the erupting myriad of people along its way as well. We will have to pass through Namche Bazaar, the traditional Trading rendezvous point for Tibetan and Nepali traders and merchants in ancient times; and Namche is a wonderful settlement for sightseeing. Namche Bazaar offers us the options of getting to know the local people who have made their life at the tundra’s of the Himalayas, and we can get to know how they go about their life in such harsh climate. The land is frozen for agriculture there, so most of the people rely on tourism and animal husbandry. Animals like the mountain-goat and Yaks are especially reared by the people and dairy products from these animals are then sold, which brings about a lot of money. It is a religious settlement as well, with Sherpa people in abundance. Sherpa people are expects at mountain climbing and the area of Namche is dotted with various monasteries and gumbas and Stupas through out. Everest Base Camp Trek will allow its trekkers to get up close with these religious sites and we will get to know about these monasteries and Stupas in detail. The trail up to the base camp of Everest also has the hangings of the prayer flags along the trek. Buddhist Prayer flags are in abundance throughout the trekking journey; we will see them joint together from trees and from the spires of the gumbas and the chaityas. Many Mani-stones and inscriptions are also prominently present all along the trails of the trek the higher up the elevation we go.

Because of the climatic condition and the vast difference in the land structure, the Himalaya offers us with the food pallet that is different as well. Yak cheese and goat milk are the staples, but, with modernization, visitors enjoy a variety of food in the lodges and the guesthouses as well. With snow covering the land like confetti, we can have the chance to sip warm buttered-tea with a simply beautiful view of the barren pearly landscape outside.

Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the packages provided by Nepal Hiking Team and it is an especially designed package that gives it customers the chance to experience the wonders of the trek to Everest to the optimal amount. With our experienced guides and porters, Nepal Hiking Team and its staff will make sure that the customers enjoy their trip and have a satisfying time trekking all the way to Everest. They will have the finest of time, scaling the majestics of the mountains, and Nepal Hiking Team makes sure that all of the hiking journeys are safe and secure. We provide the very best accommodations and services regarding this, all in a fair price and the best services, and Everest Base Camp Trek is guaranteed to be one of the most unforgettable adventures that you have in your life!