Exciting Essentials: 4 Unique Ways Plants Benefit Our Health & Well-Being

Exciting Essentials: 4 Unique Ways Plants Benefit Our Health & Well-Being

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There are numerous ways that plants can prove to be beneficial. Having house plants not only adds color to your home, but can help improve your health. Of course, eating plants in the form of fruits and vegetables is good for you as well. Here are some of the ways that plants can increase your well-being.

Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries for medicinal purposes. An essential oil is a concentrated version of what is normally found in certain types of plants. There are a variety of types of oils that you can purchase. Some essential oils are used for aromatherapies. When choosing an aromatherapy oil check to make sure that is USDA certified organic. This ensures that the oil is safe for you to use. Others are designed to be used directly on the skin. Organic essential oils are readily absorbed through the skin. When selecting this type of oil, make sure that it is pure. Many of the oils available on the market are of low quality. Read the label before purchasing any essential oil. You don’t want to lose the benefits of an essential oil by putting other chemicals into your body.

Plants as Air Purifier

Plants are an excellent way to filter the air of toxins. The plants act as a sponge and absorb the toxins in the air. Some plants trap these toxins in their matter. Other plants break the toxins down and release them back into the atmosphere as a harmless substance. The very action of plants is to intake the carbon dioxide and to release oxygen. Some studies have shown that plants are able to remove ten percent of the carbon dioxide in a room. Having more clean oxygen in your home can lead you to be healthier. Indoor air pollution can lead to lung irritation and other long term health problems. Having a few indoor plants can also boost your mood. Plants can help to relieve some of your stress and anxiety. Being less stressed has also been shown to increase your overall health and well-being.

Less Sick Days

By having plants you may suffer from less sick days. Plants are able to create their own climates. This is called a microclimate. The reason behind this is that plants raise the humidity a small amount around themselves. Having a little extra humidity in the air can relieve some of the dryness in the air. Dry air can be irritating to your nose and throat. This irritation can make you more susceptible to contracting an illness. One study showed that twenty percent of the dust in the air was removed by plants. This is a good thing if you suffer from dust allergies. It has even been suggested that some plants may help to remove microbes from the air. These microbes are the cause of you becoming sick. Being sick less often is a definite benefit in improving your health.

Increased Creativity

Plants can change the ascetics of a room. This can lead to you feeling more inspired. Plants in the workplace make the environment feel more relaxed. Having a workplace that is enjoyable increases productivity and creativity. This overall happier mood fosters an environment that allows workers to function at their best. Even the act of caring for a plant may prove beneficial in preventing dementia. This works because it allows your mind to focus on a task. Keeping your mind active leads to less stagnation and can improve your memory. Gardening is also a good form of exercise. It gets you up and moving around. This leads to a healthier lifestyle. You can exercise your creativity when planning out your next gardening project. Having something to look forward to can improve your well-being.

Plants provide a variety of benefits. Consider these ways to improve your health and well-being with plants.

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