How To Choose Your Headphones

How To Choose Your Headphones

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If you are looking for headphones, it is probably so you can enjoy your music, movies, or any other audio content with quality sound.

Here, the quality will often go hand in hand with the price of your headphones. The sound quality of headphones or headphones includes bass power and sound dynamics. So let’s look at the next criterion: build quality.

To ensure the durability of your headphones, it is important to focus on buying quality equipment. If you use your headphones for sports, they may be in contact with sweat or shock. They must also be ergonomic to ensure intuitive use in any situation. Design is usually a buying trigger, but it is a subjective and very personal criterion.

Last essential criterion: comfort

Depending on your use, you may need to wear your headphones or headphones for several hours, and it is important that they do not affect your listening pleasure with pain or slippage. A wire caught in a doorknob, a headphone that does not fit your ear or a headset that presses your head are all elements that can irritate you and make you regret your purchase.

With these 3 selection criteria, our José Choices will help you make the best choice for your needs!

Intra, supra-aural, and circum-aural earphones: what’s the difference?

The trend favors mostly wireless models with Bluetooth connection, but we must not forget the others, which will often provide better sound quality. There are three main types of helmets: the intra-auricular, supra-aural, and circum-aural, some open, others closed and still others, noise reduction.

The intra, called atrium or plug, fits into the hollow of the ear. This is a very popular solution because the tips adapt to the shape of the ear canal and partially isolate the external noise. We have recently seen intras without any thread connecting the left and the right.

The supra-aural is a headset whose headphones with pads are attached to an adjustable headband (also called headband) and rest directly on the ear. In this case, there is no question of sound insulation.

The circum-aural consists of a bow and headphones whose pads surround the ear and rest on the skull. As a result, they are larger than other models, which means that they are most often found in the category of high fidelity wired headsets. The circum are of two types: closed, which cuts the outside air, and open, which lets in the air and compresses the sound a little less.

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