Quick Ways To Know Culture In Indonesia

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Indonesia as the island countries, is very rich in cultural diversity. From Sabang to Merauke. From Mianggas to Rote. Stretching thousands of islands were inhabited or not inhabited. The landscape shows all exotic, also in a variety of culture. Many tribes who inhabit this country that we love. Inevitably, this diversity, bringing together sovereign nation. To know more about the culture, you can see it in “what is culture”.

Quick Ways To Know Culture In Indonesia

Unity in Diversity is semboyang “spirit” of children unifying the country. This uniqueness is precisely what makes Indonesia much loved by foreigners. Many of them spent time in Indonesia. Learning the culture and culture is one of their targets during in Indonesia. In fact, many of those who later chose to become Indonesian citizens. Do we know how to get to know the culture in Indonesia ?. The quickest way to know the culture of the nation can be achieved through:

  1. CULTUREFIGURE. Yes, the traditional figure plays an important role in maintaining and preserving culture or local culture. If we want to get a lot of information about the unique culture or culture of an area, then the first step is to visit the traditional figure.
  2. CULTURERITUAL. Traditional procession terms of cultural significance. Here we can see and understand every value contained in the local culture. Never miss this procession. You’ll find a million meaning of life is contained in it.
  3. TRADITIONAL DANCE. Do not spend your time when you’re in an area and engage in the dance of the region, without questioning the value contained therein. Each dance is played reflects the social value of the local area.
  4. TRADITIONAL MUSIC INSTRUMENT. Well, this one has always been an icon of the area. This tool not only played to bring up the tempo and rhythm, but the terms of meaning contained. Every instrument that is played requires a value. Ask the origin, function, manufacture and or people who play it. You’ll get a lot of value on an instrument.
  5. TRADITIONAL CLOTHES (CULTURE FABRIC / WOVEN). Many of us admire the traditional fabric / woven fabric of an area without realizing that’s where the implied meaning and story of the life of the local area. If we buy in the store Souvenir, you certainly do not get the cultural stories. However, if you buy it directly on the person making / weaving, you’ll know what’s behind every motive to be assembled. Custom clothing is not just accessories, but the “book” unwritten stories culture or culture of a region. You will find local values that have been formed hereditary and you will be aware, that turned out to indigenous people are doing what is currently happening, as a result of the development of Science and Technology.

Five ways above will help you more quickly get to know the culture of others. Preserve the national culture, because it is a valuable asset.