San Diego Commute Your Guide To Starting The Day Stress-Free

San Diego Commute: Your Guide To Starting The Day Stress-Free

4 mins read

If you live in San Diego, your average commute time ranges from 30 to 59 minutes, if you are part of the large population that leaves their home between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m.. This depends a lot on where you are in the city, but no matter the commute time, take some “you” time.

During those early hours, it can be stressful and jarring to be in the midst of hundreds of headlights and honking horns. To help keep yourself in a good mood on the way into work, practice some simple steps to having a stress-free commute.

Tune In

Do you often listen to NPR on your way in to absorb the most current happenings? The downtrodden and sad reality of the news can be a difficult way to wake up, whether you are conscious of it or not. For those with sensitive souls, it can be adding unneeded stress to your day. Consider tuning it to the local classical music station or turning on a guided meditation to get your head straight before engaging with your co-workers and being productive for the following 8 to 10 hours. Classical music has been shown to have positive and stimulating effects on the brain that may lead you to have a more productive day. For those that experience high blood pressure, a guided meditation could add years to your life by helping you to find a few moments of zen on your commute into work.

Breathe It In

Although rolling down the windows may seem like the best option when sitting in traffic, the fresh air can feel refreshing and help you to wake up on those early mornings. If you are going to roll up those windows, consider installing an essential oil diffuser in your car. Aromatherapy has been used for ages, by many different cultures, to promote wellness and for its calming effect. On your way into work, use lemon essential oil for a natural kick in the pants. The citrus smell helps to wake you up with its natural zest and has been shown to promote concentration. If you find that you love the aromatherapy, integrate a diffuser into your office setting as well to reap the benefits throughout the day.

Eyes on the Prize

There is a reason that everyone counts the minutes until the end of the business day on Friday afternoon. If they didn’t pay you to be there, you probably wouldn’t show up. Remembering that you are working towards the weekend may just be the catalyst to keep your eyes on the prize. Have you explored the city lately, or have you been stuck on a Netflix binge? There are plenty of free things that you can do in San Diego to get you out and about without breaking the bank. Looking forward to those restful yet fun days ahead will help you remember why you committed to your job in the first place.

Staying positive from the beginning to the end of the day, even if you have to fake it, will make your day go smoother. Manifest the greatness that the day can bring from the moment you wake up to start the day off on a great note.