Senioritis: Medical Costs to Prepare for in Your Kid’s Last School Year

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Many parents eagerly look forward to the day when their teenagers will become adults and leave the house. However, once your child is a high school senior and this distant dream becomes more of a reality, you understandably may begin to feel a combination of anxiety and stress. A smart way to tackle some of these unpleasant feelings is to help your child prepare for venturing out on his or her own. Shopping for dorm necessities, opening a checking account and other steps are common, but you also should focus on health and well-being in various ways. These are some of the major medical services that you should consider for your high school senior.

Dental Work

By now, your teenager likely has completed any orthodontic treatment that he or she may need, or treatment may be finalized soon. In addition to orthodontic treatment, you may want to schedule a general dental hygiene exam at a clinic like Pembroke Pines Dental. Any cavities or other issues can be taken care of before your teen leaves the house. Some parents may also wish to schedule cosmetic dental procedures, such as whitening, to get their children’s adult lives off on great footing.

Vision Care

Vision care is just as important as oral hygiene. Your high school senior needs to have excellent eyesight to drive safely and to do well in school. A vision exam may also identify some underlying health issues, such as diabetes or other issues that need to be addressed by a medical professional. Order new contacts or glasses before your senior leaves the house to ensure that clear vision is not a concern.

A General Wellness Exam

All high school seniors should also receive a general wellness exam. Student-athletes may need to get a physical before they are allowed to start training with their college team. Females may need to get their first woman wellness exam if they have not already done so. Many new college students also need to update their vaccinations and provide vaccination records to their new school before they are permitted to register for classes.

Some of these appointments may need to be scheduled at least a month in advance, or they may require you to attend multiple appointments in succession. In addition, the cumulative cost for these various exams and treatments can add up. Ensure that you plan ahead so that you can afford these services and so that you have enough time to take your teen to each needed appointment.

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