Tips For A Kashmiri Getaway In Winters

Tips For A Kashmiri Getaway In Winters

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Queen of the North, pride of our country, Kashmir is the epitome of ravishing beauty and charm. With tranquil landscapes and beauty in every corner of the city, the place is known for its lovely views and picturesque scenery.

If you have Kashmir on your mind for your next vacation, following tips would help you to make it a perfect vacation.

Tips For A Kashmiri Getaway In Winters


If you’re visiting Kashmir during the 40-day Chilai Kalan period from December 21st to January 31st, then you’re going to enjoy some extremely biting cold. With snow, the minimum temperatures can plummet to a scary -8 degree Celsius, while the maximum will be around 10 degree Celsius! So, it is advised that you take your warmest of clothes with you. It is also wise to plan travelling routes wisely as they might be affected or closed due to snow.


It is suggested you make your job easy by selecting Srinagar hotels near the airport. Getting comfortable accommodation in the cold is extremely important. Along with the factor if easy accessibility, an aesthetically rich hotel which enables you to enjoy the mesmerising views of Srinagar would add value to your trip.

In this regard, The LaLiT Grand Palace Srinagar will ensure that you enjoy absolutely the best of Kashmir. Considered to be one of the best hotels in Srinagar¸ it is a haven when it comes to enjoying the milieu. The palace carries the legacy of the Maharajas who built it in 1910 as their residence. Experience incredible hospitality in any of the 113splendid palace rooms, along with an all-weather pool and spa, golf course, and sprawling Himalayan lawns during a luxurious stay in the heart of Kashmir valley.

Must Eat & Drink

  1. Kahwa

Wondering about how to survive a winter in Kashmir? Keep having the kahwa, a special Kashmiri green tea. This delectable aromatic drink will warm you up in an instant. With hints of cardamom, saffron, cinnamon, sugar, honey, and crushed nuts, the kahwa is truly the most royal among the teas.

  1. Harissa

Apart from the lip-smacking kebabs and the Kashmiri pulao, you must try the traditional dish of harissa. Made with lamb rice and local Kashmiri spices, the sinfully delicious harissa is a staple winter delicacy in the region.

Must Visit

There is a long list of magnificent places to visit in Kashmir valleys. Specially in winter, the following spots are truly sights to behold:

  1. Dal Lake

The starry reflection of the sky in the clear water of the Dal Lake is etched in every tourist’s mind when they go back from their vacation in Kashmir. The fascinating Shikaras or the wooden boats provide the most endearing and unique boating experience. In winter, the lake is partially frozen and you can experience sheer silence and tranquillity there. It is like floating in a postcard – the lofty mountains on one side, the blue skies above, and water below. The flowers in the gardens surrounding the lake only add to the dream-like experience.

  1. Pari Mahal Garden

Gardens are no longer that common, at least not the green and lush kinds. The multi-terraced garden of Pari Mahal literally translates to the ‘palace of the fairies’. What can be more exciting than that! The velvet- like grass seems to be unbelievable because of its lush green colour. This garden has great historic relevance too. It was initially a monastery for a Buddhists followed by a learning institute for Emperor Shah Jahan’s son Dara. No wonder the architecture is so grand and intricate.

  1. Gulmarg

For travellers who also love adventures, Kashmir has a lot up its sleeves. Famously known as the ‘Meadow of Flowers’, Gulmarg is a sight for sore eyes with its exquisite spread of vibrant flowers and snow-capped mountains as the backdrop. Winter sports that come to life in December and January that truly make Gulmarg a must visit. One can enjoy various activities like mountain biking, trekking, skiing, camping, etc.

  1. Pahalgam

For freshness and fun, one has to visit this darling valley. Not only is it peaceful and serene, this tiny town is known to cure every individual from all kinds of stress-related problems. Full of coniferous forests and trees, this hilly town is a delight tucked away from the modern hustle-bustle that makes our lives more difficult and complicated. The snow in January takes the beauty of the town up by several notches. Don’t miss the pony ride in the snow at the Betaab Valley.

Your trip to Kashmir would leave you spellbound; the place definitely has a reason to be called the Paradise on Earth.