Tips To Remember While Going For Desert Safari In Dubai

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Dubai is a glitzy, glamorous place. It is stunningly beautiful, with manmade marvels rejuvenating you at every step. However, beyond this glamour and beauty lies a natural place that’s enticing and invigorating in nature. That’s the deserts of Dubai, so stark and intriguing that they leave an indelible imprint in your heart. Perhaps, this is the reason why Desert Safari in Dubai is a most and must enjoyed activity. Camels and SUVs take you through the crisscross of sands and then you enjoy a memorable dinner beneath the stars.

Tips To Remember While Going For Desert Safari In DubaiSo, how do you plan your desert safari? Well, remember these tips.

Get a Travel Company

You can use a search engine for all the information. But none of it would work if you don’t have a travel company to plan the details. With their knowledge and expertise, travel companies will help you find the right kind of desert safari for you. Plus, they will ensure that you aren’t ripped off for being tourists.

Have Light Lunch

When going for Desert Safari in Dubai, know that dune bashing can be a bumpy experience and you might end up feeling sick if you eat something too heavy. So, stick to a lighter lunch and avoid having too much of water.

Carry Comfortable Clothing

Afternoons seem quite hot. However, the weather can change in the evening and the temperatures drop in the desert. So, carrying a cardigan or a lightweight jacket is recommended.

Don’t be Stressed

Desert Safari in Dubai is certainly a riveting experience. You might notice adrenaline rush when the vehicle takes turns or you encounter steep dunes. But don’t let that stress you. Relax and enjoy the ride. People taking you through the safari are all professional drivers.

The Right Products

Desert rays are harsh. And while a tan may sound good, it would be foolish not to pack your hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Shield yourself from the sun and stay protected. Also, have flip flops and open-toed shoes. Why? Because you would want to take on and off and dump the sand.

Listen to the Guide

A guide will always accompany you. They are experienced with the entire process. So, don’t be stupid and listen to them, especially when you decide to mount a camel (because the mounting process is different from that of a horse).

Consult a Doctor

If you suffer from hip and knee issues or have chronic back problems, make sure that you consult a doctor before deciding to go for a Desert Safari in Dubai. This is particularly important if you plan on a camel ride.

Lastly, refresh your astronomy skills because the night sky looks beautiful in the desert and you would love enjoying the views of the nature!