Top 7 Useful Websites For Travelling To United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom is called the Great country not in vain – it is the combination of four countries in one set. Royal England and its sights, medieval castles and buildings of Wales, gloomy beauty of picturesque mountains and lakes of Scotland, ancient villages of Northern Ireland – all this is also the United Kingdom.

Though UK is also considered the country of rains, it is the center of the world attention and is one of the most popular countries for the tourism. The most visited cities in England are London (Great Britain’s capital city), unceasing Manchester, “Beatles” Liverpool, fashionable Birmingham, academical Cambridge and Oxford, mysterious Stonehenge. In Wales, the most popular city is its capital, Cardiff. In Scotland, the tourism centers are Edinburgh (the capital of Scotland) and Glasgow, which is recognized as a center of arts. In Belfast (Northern Ireland’ capital city), people come mainly to have fun in the noisy pubs, visit the historical museums, admire interesting and original graffiti and sculptures.


If you are going to visit this remarkable country, and you want not only  to spend a wonderful time and have a rest from the city bustle to the fullest, but also save your budget, you will be helped without fail by the list of the most useful and interesting websites about tourism around Great Britain.

This is a website where you can find a brief summary of Britain, its history and climate. You will learn about the most convenient and efficient means of transport, the top of the best entertainment, the current exchange rate, the most popular food, tips for tourists. In addition, you can calculate the approximate cost of the day including accommodation, meals, sightseeing, entertainment, parking, etc., choosing the necessary type of travel (budget, middle, luxury). Moreover, on the website you can choose a desired type accommodation.

Very interesting website with a mass of fascinating photos of the most known and picturesque places of Great Britain with a short description. On the website, the largest cities and popular entertainments are presented. For the loving couples, the site offers a ready-made tours, romantic journeys and trips. Besides, the convenience of the website is that there is an opportunity to plan the travel and the route independently.

Tripadvisor Nantucket

This website provides the list of the most popular places of Great Britain. A wide choice of hotels, restaurants, entertainments, favorable offers, tour selection, and economical flight – all this can be found here according to your desires and budget.

Before going to Britain, it is necessary to be acquainted with a lifestyle, habits, rules, culture and customs of the indigenous population. Ignorance of the most all-used slang words and expressions, gestures can put you in an awkward position. This website contains more than 20 useful tips, facts, and rules, which should be known to the tourist. Most foreigners are probably aware of the fact that the British are very fond of talking about the weather. Moreover, here you can get the tourist’s insurance, choose a tour, pick up the place of a lodging for the night, rent a car and choose the most convenient option of flight. It is also possible to buy book guides to various countries and cities.

If you are going to England, but you do not know basic things about this place, this site is for you. It contains the most frequently asked questions and answers on various topics such as being on the territory with or without a visa, public transport, money exchange, telephone tariffs, customs, etc.

Here you can find various kinds of tours in every part of Britain. It provides a unique opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of the country watching the video with the most beautiful places of each city. On the website, there is a blog where it is possible to find a lot of interesting information. For the fans of sport, there are sports entertainments and the list of matches. Those who come not only for entertainments, but also to bring some souvenirs, gifts, clothes and footwear of the known brands, the website offers the list of shops and shopping centers. The huge choice of restaurants, pubs and cafes will simplify your search and will solve a problem with food. For a good mood on the website, there is also a list and the schedule of musical festivals in Britain. It is possible to plan the tour by your own or to select a ready-made one, and buy tickets online.


This resource represents a wide range of the choice of hotels, restaurants, shops, museums, sights, the list of the most widespread tours with the detailed description, the prices and pictures. For true gourmets or simply for those who like to eat and to try something new the section with refined and local food and drinks is placed on the site. It will help to get a visa and insurance. Here you can read interesting articles and news.

All websites are created to help the tourist to choose the correct tour according to his financial opportunities and to simplify the search.

Finally, a few parting words and recommendations that will help you feel confident and comfortable in the United Kingdom.

  • Use the Oyster card – it will allow you to reduce your travel expenses in 2 times;
  • Plan everything in advance;
  • Travel light, but in the same time carrying everything important with you;
  • Take with yourself the most convenient clothes (carnival dresses and high heels leave at home)
  • Just be polite.

Heathrow Airport from the air

P.S.: Of course, the first city, which should be visited, is London. Going to London, you arrive at Heathrow airport. In order to reach the city center, travelers need to rent a car at Heathrow airport. On the road to the center, you can enjoy beautiful views of London. So, have a good trip!