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Vacuum Cleaning Tips For Premium Rugs

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Thinking of purchasing shaggy rugs in India, but confused about their maintenance? Read this guide to know how you can keep them clean.

Over the last few years, shaggy rugs in India have witnessed resurgence. These are the rugs that have a deep pile, which gives them a shaggy look. The fact that they look lush and luxurious gives them an edge. At the same time, their rakes can help remove the dirt in a crisp manner and helps in restoring uniform appearance, which is why they are so popular in India. Otherwise, there’s wool, cotton and various other styles of rugs that people can buy to transform their interiors.

Vacuum Cleaning Tips For Premium Rugs

If you have made an investment in cotton area rugs in India or chosen a woolen rug. Else, if you are thinking of making an investment but worried about how they could be kept clean, then these are the vacuuming and cleaning tips that you should try.

  • Firstly, understand that all it takes is the right vacuum to clean any kind of rug. Vacuuming on a regular basis will eliminate the need for larger, elaborate cleaning purposes.
  • If there’s any area on the rug that has been stained, clean it immediately. A spill will solidify itself if you wait for the dry clean. For food spills, gently remove solid material using a dull knife and then add water to the blot. If needed, use a little bit of detergent. Then, click on the highest suction function on the vacuum. Repeat the process until the stain goes away completely.
  • You can use market based solvents for this purpose. Adding a few drops of stain removing solvent (make sure that the remover is safe for carpets and rugs) and then blot it on the stained area. Now, vacuum it to see if there’s a different in stain.
  • If you notice that the stain is hard or hasn’t faded after cleaning, then moisten the tufts of your rug using 3% hydrogen peroxide. Let it stand for an hour and then blot. After that, vacuum the carpet.
  • To keep your cotton area rugs in India completely clean, you should invest in a vacuum. Vacuuming regularly will help you resolve the soiling problem in the first place. It will also help in keeping the color and texture looking fresh.
  • Make sure that you use a vacuum with a rotating brush and a suction. You can also use a beater bar for keeping it entirely clean.
  • When it comes to sprouts and snags on the rug, make sure that you clip them and never pull them, otherwise you would damage the shafts of your rug.
  • Remove heavy dents on shaggy rugs with edge of a coin. Stroke the area with the coin or use a hair dryer near the area (don’t let it touch the rug) and it will look as good as new.

Go ahead. Try these ideas.

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