Want A Unique Dining Experience? Try Japanese Food!

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Let’s face it, we all love to eat, which is why there seems to be so many new restaurants popping up at any given time. Ethnic foods such as Chinese and Japanese food are, quite naturally, very popular in Thailand, and in a city the size of Bangkok, there is no end to the delicious selections to choose from when you want Asian food. Japanese restaurants such as Kisso offer such a wide selection that it is guaranteed that you will find something you like. Whether your preference is for beef, chicken, seafood, or vegetables and rice, you can find what you love at restaurants such as this.

Want A Unique Dining Experience? Try Japanese Food!

Try Japanese Food for Something New

One of the biggest advantages to eating Japanese food is the variety of meat, seafood and vegetables and the ways in which they are cooked. Many people only think of more unusual foods when they think of Japanese food, such as squid and sushi, but Japanese food offers a much wider selection on the menu. Their selection also includes items such as chicken and foie gras, sashimi, scallops, dried squid tempura, boiled soy beans, miso soup, noodles with prawns, grilled eel and rice, grilled salmon or yellowtail, and avocado and prawn salads. Restaurants such as Kisso also offer sake and other drinks, as well as desserts that include egg pudding with ice cream, Japanese parfait, rice cake with fruit, and boiled rice cake with sweet soy powder. Whether you love meat or seafood, or prefer vegetarian dishes, you can find what you want when you decide to eat Japanese food.

More importantly, many Japanese restaurants offer promotions and specials, such as the well-known Kisso Sunday buffet lunch in Bangkok that includes a wide variety of items sure to please anyone’s palate. These buffets often centre on lighter, fresher dishes that enable you to enjoy the rest of your day without feeling too full, and include many of the dishes that make eating Japanese food so popular these days.

Special Dishes During Certain Times of the Year :

Since Japanese dishes often include fresh fish and seafood, many Japanese restaurants have special menus that are only offered during certain times of the year. In these menus, unique foods such as wagyu, eel, sweet fish, and Ayu are offered, and they give diners a special experience during certain months of the year when these menu items are in-season. Food that is fresh always tastes better, which is why Japanese food is so good and why certain menu items are only offered when the fish and other items are at their freshest.

Learning about Japanese food is not difficult, and most chefs and waiters will be happy to educate you on the various items, so that you can choose the dish that is right for you. Many of the restaurants allow you to make a reservation online, and even offer special online discounts and specials. Whether it is your first time, or you have been eating the food for many years, deciding on Japanese food for lunch or dinner is always a smart choice.