Whale Watch The Right Way This Holiday Season

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As you plan your holiday fun this season, take a moment to consider the wonder and fun of whale watching. Whether you choose to travel with family, alone, or on business this year, this is the perfect way to meet one of Earth’s gentle giants up close and really get a taste of what nature has to give. Still, it is important to remember both the safety of the animals and your family as you plan your trip abroad. For the best whale watching, Sydney, Australia is the only place worth the trip. Not only are you highly likely to spot whales during their migratory season, but you are also more likely to see them come within just metres of your boat. As you go out into the water, take stock of the various ways you can increase the fun of this once in a lifetime chance without increasing the danger.

Whale Watch The Right Way This Holiday Season

Whales Have Feelings : As sentimental as the heading might sound, it is a fact that these beautiful, majestic creatures can become distressed with too much interaction. As you enter and exit an area where whales are sure to visit, pay close attention to their behaviour. As you watch them breach the surface, watch for distress signals such as rapid changes in their swimming pattern and increased tail movements. This is more likely to happen if there are young present, as the mothers become extremely protective of them. They do not understand that you mean no harm, and thus it is your responsibility to leave the area immediately once you realise the whales are unhappy.

These creatures are kind and slow-moving. With the right care and attention, you and your family will see something you will never forget. Whale watching in Sydney is not only a cost-effective activity for your family, but also an informative one. Your guide, should you hire one, will know quite a lot about their eating habits, behaviour, and more. Encourage your young family members to ask questions and seek out information as they watch the whales breach the surface.

Keep Your Distance : Many whales will approach your vessel on their own out of curiosity, and this is perfectly alright and a fantastic opportunity for you to see them up close. However, a general rule is to maintain a distance of 100 metres at all times in order to give the large animals all the space they need to remain calm and happy as they pass by your vessel. Your guide will expertly adhere to this practice and give you the best view possible, so make sure you bring a reliable camera to capture the magic. If you find yourself too close to a whale or pod of whales, take the time to increase the distance again. If you or your guide uses a power boat, the best course of action is to place the engine in neutral until the whale or whales pass.

Give your family an experience unlike nothing they ever dreamed of this holiday season. Encourage your family to enjoy nature and all it has to offer at a safe and respectful distance. Adventure is waiting for you just off the Australian shore, and your family will thank you for the opportunity.