Why Teenagers Love Hip Hop Music

Why Teenagers Love Hip Hop Music

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Every teenager listens to music for different reasons. Some use music as an escape while others listen to music that they can relate to. Due to the diversity in the hip-hop genre, teenagers can find empathy through different lyrics that best suits their current situation. However, since hip-hop is one of the most versatile genres, it has the potential of enticing teenagers from all backgrounds.

Some of the lyrics in hip-hop songs speak about core issues in society while others speak about love and anger. Each hip-hop song has its own story and showcases the experiences of the artists. Critics of the music industry state that hip-hop focuses on the objectification of women and promotes gang culture and violence. This might be true to a certain extent as a substantial amount of rap music does encompass violence and the glorification of women. However, at the same time, some artists use their music to shed light on these issues and curate rhymes that send overt messages.

Hip-Hop Is Popular

Moreover, hip-hop has become one of the most popular genres in music all around the world. It seems that every day a new artist enters the rap game and adds his own personalized touch to this genre. Take Kataztrofee for example, a hip-hop duo that is renowned for their colorfully coordinated ensembles and their high-end rap delivery. This duo curates “in-your-face” raps that revolve around precisely timed rhythmic beats. Kataztrofee consists of two people, namely Eric Victory Johnson and Shannon Speed. The two have been friends since middle school and have fond memories of freestyle battles from then.

However, the fact of the matter is that hip-hop is a genre that all the “cool kids” seem to be listening to at current, and thus, it only makes sense that the peer pressure will get to all teenagers. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, considering the fact that hip-hop does help one pick up their confidence.

Hip-Hop Is Fun & Energetic

When you’re listening to hip-hop music, you’re practically listening to a fun beat, and if you’re the kind to pick up on the rap and rap along to the music then you’re very likely to feel like you’re on another planet when your song comes on. In fact, artists such as Eminem focused on this factor solely when they were creating their songs or their albums. They wanted people to interact with their music in order to really find out whether they were good in their genres or not. Of course, everyone loves Eminem but he has had his fair share of naysayers when he started his career initially.

Furthermore, there are several other reasons why teenagers love hip-hop music and why it is known to be the music of the youngsters of this generation. Although there are a lot of absurd things in rap songs, it is undeniable that these songs are fun and one can easily groove to them anywhere!