Zen Living Made Possible with Simple Decorating Tips

Zen Living Made Possible with Simple Decorating Tips

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With our busy lifestyles these days, it is always refreshing to come home to a relaxed environment. Yet, many homes are all but relaxing: we don’t have time to clean up, declutter, redecorate. There is no use in meditating in a cluttered room that doesn’t promote simple, zen life.

The good news is that Zen living can be made possible with just a few simple decorating tips. Zen is an Asian philosophy that simplifies life in general. Homes there tend to have minimalist furniture and not many things that clutter a room. Getting a sense of the Zen life can help you feel calmer, and some would even say that staying Zen equals staying healthy.

Color your way out of chaos

The use of softer natural colors is best for creating a Zen atmosphere. Stay away from bright colors and vivid patterns. Soft beige, creamy whites, and earth colors are the ones to use. Zen is staying in harmony with nature and others. Therefore, it makes sense to use natural shades in earthy hues.

Ensure continuity between the surfaces

If your walls look too plain for your pleasure, try adding some natural texture here and there. Keep a clear walking distance around furnishings as this is the main goal of remaining in that peaceful Zen state. Arrange furniture to establish intimate talking spots or a favored book reading nook.

Keep things lighter

Use natural light whenever possible to bring in the outdoors. Use lightweight fabrics and lighter colors for window treatments. They should be less than heavy affairs seen in most homes today.

Use the energy of nature

Add fresh plants and bamboo baskets or rugs to enhance the feel. Use soft and lighter bed covers, and keep the bed relatively simple (don’t sacrifice comfort for simplicity, though). Calming light shades and serene accents are ideal. Try natural bamboo shades if needed for room darkening. Keep the theme by using natural fabrics like linens, silks, and wools. Steer clear from artificially made materials.

Start with your sleeping area

Your Zen theme should begin in the bedroom. Keep the bed away from doorways or walk through zones. Create a simplistic room that feels relaxed and one with nature. Use those natural fabrics and clean lines for beds. Furniture should be kept to a minimum – only a bed with a quality mattress, simple nightstands and a closet should be enough. If you want to add color, use smaller pillows or vases in rosewood or other earth shade.

Add comfort to your floors

Feel free to add natural textured rugs that feel soft and sumptuous against your bare feet. Woolen rugs, bamboo mats, and soft woven carpets are fine. Also, consider wooden flooring with a few scattered rugs for softness. Parquet floors are also good picks. Try to envision the entire home looking serene with a clear pathway for walking around.

Keep clutter away

This is the essential tip to create that Zen flow throughout the house. Keep what is absolutely necessary, but this is a fine time to rid your home of unnecessary clutter piles. Things that have an emotional value can be kept, but maybe consider storing them in a dedicated container.

Keep decorations to a minimum

Opt for unusual natural objects or conversational art pieces that become a focal point without overdoing things. Bathrooms are great for creating a spa space that feels wonderful. Add natural bamboo or wooden lighter plank boards that can be heated. Teal or pale shades of green look fantastic paired with these tans and browns. Try a pale green soaking tub with copper fixtures. Remember to add natural and attractive lighting.


Add aromatherapy and creative waterfall fixtures for even more relaxing beauty inside or outside your home. Keep your entryway clean and welcoming. Everything should feel calming and soothing.

Start very simple and see how it goes. It is surprising how much better people feel when they are not surrounded by unnecessary things. Remember that Zen is about letting go of things past. It is living in this moment and enjoying the simple things in nature and life. Zen also embraces your inner being. Let your decor choices reflect that.