4 Common Types Of Sports Injuries & How To Help Your Teen Athlete Avoid Them

4 Common Types Of Sports Injuries & How To Help Your Teen Athlete Avoid Them

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It is difficult for anyone to perform their best when dealing with an injury. Therefore, as the parent of a young athlete, it is important that you understand the types of minor and major ailments that he or she could face. By understanding what those ailments are, it may be easier to help your son or daughter stay healthy.

Shin Splints Can Result in Lingering Soreness

Shin splints are common among those who run track or play soccer as they are consistently running or moving. Tiny fractures in the shins are what cause the pain and soreness to occur, and they can be overcome by proper stretching and hydration. They can also be avoided by helping your teen choose proper footwear that has sufficient padding and arch support.

Ligament and Muscle Strains Can Take an Athlete Down

Ligaments and muscles can be strained or torn if an athlete does not use proper form. They can also occur if they are playing on an inadequate playing surface. For instance, if a tennis court doesn’t have proper give or if a soccer pitch is uneven, it may make it harder for an athlete to move properly. In some cases, doing flexibility training or teaching your teen proper technique can prevent them from occurring.

Lack of Protection Can Lead to Broken Bones

If a soccer player isn’t wearing shin and ankle protection, it could be possible to sustain a broken ankle or leg bone. These injuries can be avoided by wearing adequate protection at all times. Equipment can be designed to allow for greater flexibility and ease of movement if your child is afraid that his or her performance suffers because of bulky pads.

Teeth Can Come out Without Warning

Taking a ball, elbow or knee to the mouth could result in one or more teeth coming loose. To decrease the odds of this occurring, your son or daughter should wear mouth guards and refrain from diving toward a ball with his or her head. Fortunately, teeth implants can help a child retain a smile that looks natural to others.

There are many benefits to children who play sports as a teenager. It can help them learn how to work as part of a team, learn time management skills or obtain a scholarship to college. However, it is critical that they know and appreciation the importance of playing the game safely. Doing so makes it easier to stay in the lineup now while avoiding chronic pain as they get older.