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A Guide To Wearing Evening Dresses In 2017

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A night out is always something to look forward to, whether it’s a fancy evening dinner party or a night on the tiles. After all, who doesn’t love a chance to get all dressed up? However, choosing appropriate evening dresses can be quite the difficult task. With so many lengths, styles, patterns, and colours to sift through, it can be hard to find the perfect one! Knowing what’s in style for 2017 will help you find a brand new evening gown for your next special night out. What kind of evening dresses are in style for 2017? Read on to find out!

Bardot Dresses

If you are not familiar with the term “bardot”, you will surely recognise these elegant dresses by their unmistakable “off the shoulders” style. Named after actor/model Brigitte Bardot, who made them famous in the 50s and 60s, these dresses have strong hints of class, and are perfect for nearly any body type. Bardots come in numerous lengths and colours, and they are perfect for virtually any occasion, giving your look an added air of sophistication and retro style.

Bodycon Dresses

Another popular style trend in 2017 are bodycon dresses. A bodycon dress is typically tighter and allows its wearer to flaunt their curves, while also giving a slimming appearance – essentially, a bodycon highlights all the right places. While bodycons come in many colours and lengths as well, the dresses main feature is its form fitting nature. Add in some confidence, and you will be sure to rock this new fierce and fancy style trend wherever you decide to take it.

Lace Dresses

Show how classy and elegant you are by arriving to your event in a lace evening dress. Lace is an extremely popular material this year, and is sure to dazzle all of your friends! Not only can lace be worn for fancier events such as weddings, but it can also be worn to more low-key events such as cocktail parties or dinners. Another great aspect of this style trend is that you can combine it with other peak trends such as the aforementioned bodycons and bardot dresses. This way, you will be mastering multiple style trends while wearing only one dress.

What kind of colours are in style for evening dresses in 2017?

As always, the classic black dress is as timeless as ever and looks great on any of the styles mentioned above. However, if you are looking to shy away from black dresses, then cream and beige shades are another classy, but significantly lighter option.

If you want to go a little bit bolder, why not opt for a solid deep red or blue dress? If you want to carry a more unique style of evening gown and mix things up a little bit, look into patterned gowns. It is suggested to pick out more subtle patterns in order to avoid appearing overly garish and maintain a classier look.

Following these fashion trends for 2017 will assist you in scouting the perfect dress for your next exciting evening out. By knowing what’s in style, your glamorous evening gowns will be sure to stun and amaze throughout the year!

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