Mysterious Medicine: 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Prescription Drugs

3 mins read

Medicine, health, and prescription drugs exist in a complex industry. There are many mysteries that some people do not know, even those considering a career in one of these fields. The following are a few mysteries surrounding prescription drugs that future pharmacists need to be aware of.

Clarification is Key

People who are receiving their prescriptions rely on the labels to take the medication correctly, but there is a problem. It seems that many Americans misunderstand the labels and the instructions written down. It is the job of the medical specialists and the pharmacist to make sure each instruction was clear. For example, some people did not understand that a label saying, “two tablets by mouth twice daily,” meant that you have to take a total of four pills each day. It is your job to clarify these instructions to keep people safe.

Loyalty Pays Off

It is important that people know that prescription drug labels are not regulated by the government. Sure, there are a few things that are necessary like the drug’s instructions or the patient’s name, but there are plenty of other things that are not required. This means patients who like to fill their prescriptions from different pharmacies may get information that is worded differently, which could get confusing. Some may write the brand rather than the generic name for a medication, and that might have undesired results should you mistakenly use them.

Importance of Quality

Every pharmaceutical product has very specific bar codes that identify each item, and this is part of the Drug Quality and Security Act. If you’re not sure why the DQSA matters, remember that this act was enacted to help track each item transported or sold and to ensure each item is FDA approved. The reason this happens is to ensure that the products Americans are receiving are as safe as possible.

An Eye on Abuse

Admitting that many Americans are starting to abuse prescription drugs is not easy, but it is happening. You may not think that the pharmacist has much power over this, but he or she does. One of the easiest ways to see if someone is abusing a drug is if a person is trying to fill the same prescription in more than one location. The pharmacist does not confront the patient but should talk the patient’s doctor. Keeping an eye on patients can save a life, which is one of the tasks a pharmacist takes on when prescribing drugs.

This field is demanding, and there is a lot to do, but the result is rewarding because you are going to be helping others get better or at least feel better, which makes it all worth it.